Gut Feeling!!!!


The term ‘Gut instinct’ is more relevant than ever. Numerous studies confirm the importance of gut health for overall physical and mental wellness; and it all starts with the gut microbiome.

Eat less, move more. That’s the simple solution of staying fit – or so we’ve been told. But what if there was another SECRET behind our obesity/health epidemic? And what if we had the “guts” to actually do something about it?

Our body is constantly communicating with us. Come learn the language of our gut.

We’ll discover surprising new information about the food we eat, and the food our microbes love to munch on.
And we’ll meet the researchers who are applying what they’ve learned in the lab to their everyday lives, and experimenting on themselves.

It’s a vital organ in our body and we need to look after it. If we do that, it will look after us!

Stay tuned, stay connected, keep learning!

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